Pacific Coast Aeronauts

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Welcome to PCA

Who we are:

A club of hot air balloon enthusiasts. Our organization is called the Pacific Coast Aeronauts (PCA) because most of our 100+ members live in the San Francisco Bay Area, though some live as far away as Texas and Connecticut. The club was founded in 1989 and is a nonprofit corporation.

What we do:

We fly or float above it all at various locales around the West Coast. You can find several of our members flying any fair weather weekend from our launch site in Morgan Hill (San Pedro & Condit), the San Martin Airport in south Santa Clara County or from the Tracy Airport. We have monthly meetings featuring guest speakers and lively discussions about the fun and challenges of ballooning. We also sponsor and organize balloon events and a annual safety seminar.

Why we do it:

Our ballooning club's purpose is to provide people interested in ballooning a forum to share information about balloon safety, flying area updates, and Federal Air Regulations changes. Promote great land owner relations and support the local communities. Educate the community about ballooning. Have good times with safe and soft landings every flight!


Joining PCA has never been so easy. With our new online system you are able to join and pay membership dues through PayPal. Simply fill out the online form and pay your membership dues and you are instantly a member! Click here to join!


PCA has various events throughout the year. Please visit our online calendar to see when our next event will be held and the location.