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Board Members and Officers for 2022:

Committees for 2022:

  • Awards - Bob Locklin, Jeff Downs
  • Junior Balloonists - Jeanne Anson
  • Website - David Wakefield, Jeanne Anson
  • Newsletter Committee - Suzanne Seiler, Linda Walton
  • Awards - Robert Locklin
  • Education - David Wakefield and Jeanne Anson
  • Safety Seminar - Linda Walton, David Wakefield, Pat Moore
  • WHAMOBASS - Jeff Downs, Melanee Scarborough, Pat Moore
  • Montgolfier Dinner - Open for Volunteers
We value your participation! If you see anything you can help us with, please email us at:

Board meeting Dates for 2022:

a. January 18  b. April 19  c. July 19  d. October 18  e. December 20

Board meetings are by Zoom and are open to the membership. Notice and instructions for joining the meetings will be sent out by email prior to each event. Please contact us with questions or comments at:

If you see a committee that you would like to help with, full time, part time, or any amount of time, please sign up! We are always looking for fresh ideas and new members to help out. If you are one of our long distance members, you may help too. Contact us at: