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PCA Safety Seminar 2022

PCA safety seminar committee has decided to cancel our 2022 Safety Seminar. Although we received notice from a number of PCA members expressing interest in attending a live seminar, with the continuing uneasiness of the waning pandemic, it was too small a number to justify the organization of such an event.

We have found several online seminars which are now open for registration. If additional seminars are scheduled, we'll list them here as well.

*GEBA Continuing Education Seminar - March 5, 2022

*Highland Balloon Repair / BFA Continuing Education Seminar - March 19, 2022

   Benefiting the BFA Youth Camps

Previous PCA Safety Seminar - Presentations Material

Printable/Downloadable presentation materials will be made available once we have them by individual links and once they are all available, by single .zip file download.

Right-click (control-click on a Mac) the link and choose “Save Link As...” to save the document(s) to your computer.

*The items below are from past seminars, but we include them here for review.

FAR - Presentation material from Jim Abell:
FAR Review - .pdf file 140 kb

Pilot Decision Making:

Weather: The following files are from our 2014 Safety Seminar and are kept available here for reference. Both of these files contain the same information and both of these are large downloads. The two per page version is smaller but also a little harder to see because the images are reduced in size. Whichever works best for you.
Helpful Weather Links - 1 per page 18.6 mb
Helpful Weather Links - 2 per page (smaller download) 12.3 mb