PCA Awards

The Pacific Coast Aeronauts' Awards Committee seeks nominations for "Above and Beyond" awards each fall to be presented at the Gala Montgolfiere Dinner. The goal of the Awards Committee is to highlight those members of the club who have demonstrated their support (above and beyond) of the sport of ballooning. Those honored may be pilots, crew and observers alike.

The process to solicit nominations is via email to the membership in the month of September. The email is also printed in the September Newsletter. The deadline for nominations is October 30. Nominations are open to any PCA Members and non-members and there is no age upper or lower limit. Typically 3 awards are given out each year.


This award is for your outstanding crew. Please nominate your outstanding crew with a brief description of their worthy contribution to crewing safety and diligence. The Award will consist of a Balloon Federation of America membership and membership to the Pacific Coast Aeronauts for 1 year.

Do you know someone that you think is a terrific pilot, crew or contributor to ballooning? Nominate them by sending their name, address and what they have done that is "Above and Beyond" for consideration by the Awards Committee! DO IT NOW!

The Awards committee chair is open. You can send nominations to: "CLICK" EMAIL PCA