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Join The Pacific Coast Aeronauts for a mere $20. per year.

Individual memberships are only $20 per year, Family memberships are $30 per year. Submit Family Membership payment by mail until we have the capability to process Family Memberships here.

To join by mail, print this page, fill in membership information and mail with a check for the appropriate amount to:

PCA Membership
14938 Camden Ave. Suite 76
San Jose, CA 95124

Name:_________________________________________________________________________________________ Address:_______________________________________________________________________________________
City/State/Zip Code:____________________________________________________Phone:_____________________
Email:___________________________________________________________Cell Phone:______________________
Pilot Certificate # (optional):____________________________BFA Member: Yes___No___BFA #:_________________
Other Information or Comments:______________________________________________________________________

New Member Yes[__]No[__] Commercial Pilot[__] Private Pilot[__] Student Pilot[__] Crew[__] Other[__]
Full Individual Membership $20.00 [__] Family Membership $30.00 [__]

If you have any questions regarding your new membership please contact us at!