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Join The Pacific Coast Aeronauts for a mere $25. per year.

Individual memberships are only $25 per year, Family memberships are $35 per year.

To join using online registration, go to our Cheddarup page at:
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To join by mail, print this page, fill in membership information and mail with a check for the appropriate amount to:

PCA Membership
14938 Camden Ave. Suite 76
San Jose, CA 95124

*May we share your contact info in membership roster (for members only)? Yes___ No___

Name:_________________________________________________________________________________________ Address:_______________________________________________________________________________________
City/State/Zip Code:____________________________________________________Phone:_____________________
Email:___________________________________________________________Cell Phone:______________________
Pilot Certificate # (optional):____________________________BFA Member: Yes___No___BFA #:_________________
Other Information or Comments:______________________________________________________________________

New Member Yes[__]No[__] Commercial Pilot[__] Private Pilot[__] Student Pilot[__] Crew[__] Other[__]
Full Individual Membership $25.00 [__] Family Membership $35.00 [__]

If you have any questions regarding your new membership please contact us at!