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Welcome to PCA

Who we are:

The Pacific Coast Aeronauts (PCA) is a California based ballooning club made up of hot air balloon enthusiasts. We were established in 1985 and approved as a 501c7 nonprofit social club in 1996. Our membership now extends throughout California, Nevada, Oregon and other states around the country.

What we do:

Our ballooning club encourages members to get out there and fly! We want to “float” above various locations around the West Coast, promoting our sport and our club. Members can frequently be found flying any fair-weather weekend from launch sites in Morgan Hill, Tracy, Lincoln, Clovis/Fresno and many others. We hold semi-monthly meetings featuring lively discussion about the fun and challenges of ballooning. We also sponsor and organize balloon events throughout the year, as well as an annual hot air balloon safety seminar.

Why we do it:

Our ballooning club’s purpose it to provide an outlet for all enthusiasts of hot air ballooning. Whether you are a pilot, crew person, spectator or not yet involved, we want to provide a forum to share information about ballooning. We want to encourage continued education about our sport, Federal Air Regulation changes, share flying updates and promote great landowner relations in our local communities. Our goal is to have great times with safe and soft landings every flight!


Joining PCA has never been so easy. With our new online system you are able to join and pay membership dues through PayPal. Simply fill out the online form and pay your membership dues and you are instantly a member! Click here to join!


PCA has various events throughout the year. Please visit our online calendar to see when our next event will be held and the location.